Game Day Breakfast Sammy with Tapatio Slaw

OK so this meal wasn’t made on game day. Game day being Saturday 10/8 when your University of Michigan Wolverines put a hurting on the Northwestern Wildcats 42-24.

Anyways, after the game I made a ¾ pound (yea you read right) cheeseburgers with a habanero mustard slaw (which are friggin delicious and will be in my restaurant when I open one someday). This meant I had leftover buns, cheese and slaw Sunday morning.

So I made a simple egg and cheese breakfast sammy…except I toped it with Tapatio slaw. For the egg I scrambled them and cooked them as if I was making an omelette. Then I folded both sides over to for a rectangle and then I folded that in half (you can cook your eggs however you want; scrambled, fried, etc.).  Then I simply mixed Tapatio (you can use any hot sauce) with packaged slaw mix until fully coated. It adds a nice little crunch and of course a little kick. And the juicy grapes cool down the heat from the slaw. Oh and not to mention the homemade iced coffee (that’s for another post).

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